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Monthly Planner Templates

A monthly calendar is not giving us what the date is today but it also alarming us that a lot of work has to do. Therefore we must seriously plan all the necessary tasks.

Monthly Planner TemplateHere is a well designed ‘Monthly Planner Template’. This monthly planner includes a monthly view with five-day planner slots to schedule daily activities. This ‘Monthly Planner Template’ is also designed in Microsoft Word. Its very easy to use. You can change dates as per your need. There is a space to mark your tasks within the day box as well as you can plan your complete day for any month.

Calendar changes based on three selectable options at the top. Input first month and year to display (both as numbers), then select the first day of the week (Sun or Mon). List holidays to mark on the calendar (weekends are not marked).

To add or delete a holiday, use Home-Cells-Delete/ Insert, and choose the “Shift cells up/down” option. No blank cells in holiday list. Change conditional formats or theme for different colors. Enter title. Option cells do not print and are unlocked.

This ‘Monthly Planner Template’ is very flexible to use. You have complete rights to edit it and plan your month for remarkable progress without ignoring any important job. The only condition to use this ‘Monthly Planner Template’ is to be serious with it do not miss it if you want to get a real success.

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